Red Clover

Red Clover Trifolium pratense

The zygomorphic flowers of red clover (Trifolium pratense) can be white-pink, pink or red. They usually appear between May and September. Some plants, especially in mown areas, can be seen as late as November.

Red Clover

How tall Trifolium pratense grows depends on the habitat. It colonises meadows, roadsides, embankments and dams, where it can reach heights of 15 to 40 centimetres.

Red Clover in meadow
Flowering red clover in a meadow in early May.

Red clover is a perennial plant and can retain some leaves even during the winter months.

Red Clover leaves
Young leaves of red clover in spring (mid-March).

Trifolium pratense is native to many Asian and most European countries. Its natural range extends as far as North Africa. As a medicinal plant it has also found its way to other regions where it has settled and become native.

red clover sprouts
Tip: How to grow red clover sprouts.