Lentil Sprouts

Red Lentils sprouts

Lens culinaris

Beluga Lentils sprouts
Sprouts from beluga lentils.


Lentils from the supermarket can be used for growing the sprouts. They germinate very well and are much cheaper than the sprouting seeds in the small packets.

Peeled lentils are no longer germinable.

peeled lentils
Peeled lentils

Small lentil types taste more intense than large ones. The black beluga lentils have the most flavor. However, when cooked, they lose some of their color and fade.

For more flavor, the soaking and rinsing water can be salted. Use a maximum of 3 grams of salt per 1 liter of water. This also works with beans, peas and chickpeas.

Because lentils, like many other legumes, contain hydrocyanic acid and proteins that are difficult to digest, sprouts should not be eaten raw in large quantities.

Green Lentils sprouts
Sprouts from green lentils.

How to grow lentil sprouts

Soaking: At least 4 hours, depending on size up to 12 hours.
Sprouting time: 2 days at 64-68 °F/18-20 °C
Harvest: After 2 to 4 days
Rinse/drain: 2 times per day
Germinators: Tray seed sprouter, glass sprouter
Harvest quantity: Depending on the type, 1 cup of lentils yields 4 to 6 cups of sprouts

frozen lentil sprouts
Frozen lentil sprouts.

How to use and store rapeseed sprouts

Eat raw: No
Aroma: Nutty, very intense taste the sprouts from the black beluga lentil
Uses: Soups, stews, vegetable dishes, risotto, sandwich spread, to refine or garnish salad
Store: Lentil sprouts remain fresh in the refrigerator only a few days, they continue to grow even there. However, they can be easily frozen.

lentil plants
7 days old lentil plants.