Echeveria prolifica

Echeveria prolifica

Prolific Echeveria (Echeveria prolifica) is a very prolific plant. It spreads by many runners with small offsprings.

Echeveria prolifica and Echinopsis chamaecereus
Echeveria prolifica and Echinopsis chamaecereus.

Prolific Echeveria plant care

Echeveria prolifica likes it sunny and does well with the hot summer sun. It can spend the summer in the garden or on the balcony, it does not need protection from autumn cold rain there.

It also tolerates cold well, so it can stay outside until the first frost.

I overwinter Echeveria prolifica in an unheated garden shed, at 0 to 10 °C. Short-term light night frosts may be possible there.

Regular cactus soil can be used as substrate for indoor cultivation.

Since most of my echeverias spend the summer unprotected in the garden, I use a mineral mixture based on pumice gravel. In this they survive cool and rainy weeks well.

Echeveria prolifica offsprings

Echeveria prolifica is adapted to survive in dry regions, so the substrate should be allowed to dry out before watering.

For those who are eager to fertilize, liquid fertilizer can be given monthly from April to September.

The plant shown here I have since 2015 in culture and never fertilized.

Prolific Echeveria