×Cremnosedum “Little Gem”

Cremnosedum Little Gem

×Cremnosedum “Little Gem” is a species that stays small, growing only about 10 centimeters high. It forms lots of side shoots and grows flat. It is a hybrid, both parent species, Cremnophila nutans and Sedum humifusum originate from Mexico.

Sedum Little Gem

How to care for ×Cremnosedum “Little Gem”

×Cremnosedum “Little Gem” is suitable for sunny locations. It is ideal if it receives sunlight for at least three hours a day.

A summer residency in the garden or on the balcony is possible. However, it must be slowly accustomed to unfiltered sun again in spring.

Little Gem Cremnosedum

The soil should be permeable and consist of at least 20% mineral components. Standard soils for cacti and other succulents can be used.

I use a semi-mineral mixture of vegetable soil, bird sand and pumice gravel.


The root ball must be allowed to dry out between waterings. Waterlogging is not tolerated by ×Cremnosedum “Little Gem”.

In the cool overwintering quarters, watering should be little, and the substrate should be only slightly moist, otherwise the roots may rot.

A year after purchase or repotting, liquid fertilizers for succulents or green plants can be given every fourth to sixth week from spring to autumn.

Little Gem Sedum

How to propagate ×Cremnosedum “Little Gem”

Propagation of the Little Gem Cremnosedum is simple. It is only necessary to break off side shoots and put them in the soil.