Aeonium: a brief introduction


The genus Aeonium belongs to the Crassulaceae family and contains about 37 species. Which are commonly known as Tree Houseleeks. Some of them are small succulent shrubs.

The main area of distribution of the genus Aeonium is in the Canary Islands, the range extends to Madeira and East Africa.

Aeonium species on a roof in Tenerife
Aeonium sp. on a roof in Tenerife.

Tree Aeonium (Aeonium arboreum)

The Tree Aenoium (Aeonium arboreum) is also called Irish Rose and is probably the most commonly cultivated Aeonium species. It can grow up to two meters tall, grows shrubby and blooms in yellow. Very popular are its red-leaved cultivars.

Aeonium arboreum Nigrum
Aeonium arboreum “Nigrum”

Dwarf Aeonium (Aeonium sedifolium)

Aeonium sedifolium also grows shrubby, but remains much smaller than Aenoium arboreum with a height of up to 40 centimeters.

Aeonium sedifolium
Aeonium sedifolium

Canary Island Aeonium (Aeonium canariense)

Aeonium canariense can grow up to 70 centimeters tall and is called Giant Velvet Rose or Canary Island Aeonium. The species is native to Tenerife.

Aeonium canariense
Aeonium canariense

Canary Island Aeonium on Tenerife
Canary Island Aeonium in its natural habitat on Tenerife.