Crassula “Money Maker”

Crassula Money Maker Variegata

Crassula atropurpurea

Crassula “Money Maker” looks similar to the Money Tree (Crassula ovata) and is also native to South Africa. The small succulent shrub can reach a height of 60 centimeters.

Crassula Money Maker

How to care for Crassula “Money Maker”


So that the leaves can turn an intense pink or red color, Crassula “Money Maker” needs a sunny position.

Large specimens tolerate the hot summer sun. With miniature plants, in this form Crassula “Money Maker” is often sold, it is better if they are planted in a large pot, so that the soil does not dry out within a few hours.

A summer stay in the garden or on the balcony is welcome, but there Crassula “Money Maker” must be slowly accustomed to the unfiltered sun.

Crassula atropurpurea Money Maker


Room temperature year-round is tolerated, but for flower formation a cool to temperate wintering at 50 to 59 °F (10 to 15 °C) is best. The minimum temperature is 41 °F (5 ° C).


Crassula atropurpurea does good in a regular mixes for cacti. Also fine is a mixture of potting soil, bird sand and pumice (3:1:1).


The soil must be allowed to dry well or to dry out between waterings. Waterlogging is not tolerated.

During winter, especially in a cool location, water sparingly. But even in the warm living room is better to water less. So that Crassula “Money Maker” stops growing until better light is available.

Crassula atropurpurea Money Maker Variegata


Liquid fertilizer for cacti, houseplants or vegetables can be given monthly from spring to late summer.

In the first year after repotting Crassula “Money Maker” does not require fertilizing, standard commercial substrates are pre-fertilized.

Crassula Money Maker leaves
The leaves of Crassula ‘Money Maker’ are covered with fine hairs.