Salak, Snake Fruit

Salacca zalacca

Because of its scaly skin, the Salak is also known as Snake Fruit and Snakeskin Fruit. It is the fruit of the Salak Palm (Salacca zalacca).

Salak flesh
Peeled Salaks, the flesh can be white to light yellow in color.

Family: Arecaceae
Origin: The Salak Palm (Salacca zalacca) is native to Indonesia. It is cultivated in the tropics.
Edible: The flesh is edible and tastes sweet to slightly sour, depending on the degree of ripeness. The seeds are not edible.
Storage: Snake Fruits can be stored in the fridge for a few days.

Salak scaly skin

sliced Salak

Salak flesh and seed

Snake Fruits with seeds
The seeds should not be eaten.

Snake Fruits

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