Camassia quamash “Blue Melody”


Camassia quamash “Blue Melody” can be easily distinguished from the wild type by its yellow striped leaves.

Camassia quamash Blue Melody


  1. Popular name(s): Quamash, Camas, Small Camas, Common Camas, Common Camash, Wild Hyacinth, Indian Hyacinth
  2. Botanical name: Camassia quamash “Blue Melody”
  3. Family: Asparagaceae, Agavoideae subfamily
  4. Origin: The wild type is native to North America (Canada, USA)
  5. Height: 20 to 40 centimeters
  6. USDA zone: 5 (-9.4 F/-23 °C)

Camassia quamash Blue Melody

Camassia quamash Blue Melody

Categories: Agavoideae | Blue & Purple Flowers | Garden plants |

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