Himantoglossum hircinum

Lizard orchid Himantoglossum hircinum grows from fall to spring, the flowering season of this orchid (family Orchidaceae) is here in Europe in May and June. It survives the summer as a leafless tuber. Depending on the location, it can grow up to 80 centimeters high. It is native to most of the European countries, and […]

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Euonymus alatus “Compactus”

Burning Bush Euonymus alatus is native to East Asia and can grow to more than three meters in height. All parts of the plant are toxic. The cultivar “Compactus” stays smaller and grows to just under two meters. Popular name(s): Burning Bush, Winged Spindle, Winged Euonymus Botanical name: Euonymus alatus “Compactus” Family: Celastraceae Origin: The […]

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Carex foliosissima “Irish Green”

Irish Green Sedge Carex foliosissima is an evergreen grass native to Japan that can grow up to 40 centimeters tall. Popular name(s): Irish Green Sedge Botanical name: Carex foliosissima “Irish Green” Family: Cyperaceae Origin: The wild type is native to Japan Height: 20 to 40 centimeters USDA zone: 5 (-9.4 °F/-23 °C) Poisonous: No

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Trisetum flavescens

Yellow Oatgrass

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Rumex thyrsiflorus

Compact Dock

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