Herniaria hirsuta

Hairy Rupturewort Herniaria hirsuta can be distinguished from Herniaria glabra by its hairy leaves and shoots. The two species can grow together. I discovered the plants shown here in the same parking lot as Herniaria glabra. Herniaria hirsuta grows as an annual to perennial with shoots that lie flat on the ground and can reach […]

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Herniaria glabra

Smooth Rupturewort, Glabrous Rupturewort, Herniary Breastwort Herniaria glabra can grow as an annual or perennial. Its shoots lying on the ground can reach a length of up to 30 centimetres. The leaves and stems are yellow-green to green in color. The plant, which belongs to the carnation family (Caryophyllaceae), can flower in Europe from June […]

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Angelica archangelica

Garden Angelica, Wild Celery, Norwegian Angelica Angelica archangelica can grow to a height of over two meters and bloom from May to August. The stems can be green or reddish in color. Characteristics & Description Height, habit: Over 2 meters, herbaceous plant Life cycle: Biennial Poisonous: Medicinal plant, herb, contact can trigger allergies in sensitive […]

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Cyperus alternifolius

Umbrella Papyrus, Umbrella Palm, Umbrella Sedge The Umbrella Palm is not related to the palms (Arecaceae family), but belongs to the Cyperaceae family. It can grow up to 1.5 meters high and is native to tropical and subtropical Africa. There it grows in swampy habitats. Characteristics & Description Height, habit: 50 to 150 centimeters, herbaceous […]

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Datisca cannabina

False hemp At first glance, Datisca cannabina looks like a shrub, but it is a deciduous perennial that can grow up to three meters tall and wide. Characteristics & Description Height, habit: Up to 3 meters, herbaceous plant Life cycle: Perennial Origin: Asia, Europe (Cyprus) (distribution map) USDA zone: 6 (-0.4 °F/-18 °C) Botany Name: […]

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