Hairy Galinsoga, Shaggy Soldier

Hairy Galinsoga, Shaggy Soldier, Peruvian Daisy (Galinsoga quadriradiata) is in Germany known as Hairy French Herb (Haariges Franzosenkraut), but it does neither originate from France nor from Peru, instead it comes from Mexico.

This member of the Daisy family can be found almost worldwide as a naturalized species and colonises roadsides, foothpathes, stairs, walls, gardens, parks and fields.

Shaggy Soldier

Although it has been growing in my garden for years, where it copes better with the sandy soil than most vegetables, I have not yet tried Hairy Galinsoga. It is said to be edible prepared like lettuce or spinach.

Peruvian Daisy

Galinsoga quadriradiata grows as an annual or hibernating annual, but doesn’t seem to tolerate too much frost. Depending on the location it grows between 10 and 80 centimeters high. The flowering period here in Germany lasts usually from June to October. After a mild winter in 2019/20, I was able to find flowering plants already in April.

Hairy Galinsoga on a staircase
Hairy Galinsoga growing on a staircase.
Hairy Galinsoga in a garden
Hairy Galinsoga in my garden. The image also shows Purslane and a variegated Sage.

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