Eggplant “Lucilla”

Solanum melongena “Lucilla”

The eggplant or aubergine is closely related to the potato and to the tomato. There are varieties with oblong and round fruits. These vary in colour and size.

Aubergine Lucilla
Ripe and overripe eggplant (right).

Botanical name: Solanum melongena “Lucilla”
Popular name(s): Eggplant, aubergine
Family: Nightshades (Solanaceae)
Origin: Aubergines are grown in temperate to tropical regions. It is thought to originate from tropical Asia and Madagascar (distribution map).
Size & weight: 50 to 300 mm, 0.2 to 1 kg
Edible: The peel and the flesh are edible. The solanine it contains can be destroyed by cooking.
Season: The main season lasts from summer to early autumn. But aubergines are available all year round.

Solanum melongena Lucilla

Solanum melongena Lucilla

Solanum melongena

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