Griffith’s spurge

Euphorbia griffithii

Euphorbia griffithii

Griffith’s spurge (Euphorbia griffithii) is easily recognized by its orange to bright red bracts. The stems and leaves may also be reddish. Depending on the variety and location, this hardy perennial can reach heights of 60 to 100 centimeters.

The plant’s native range is from temperate to subtropical Asia (source).

Griffiths spurge

Several cultivars can be found in stores, differing in the color of their bracts and leaves. Popular cultivars include Euphorbia griffithii “Dixter” and Euphorbia griffithii “Fireglow”.

Euphorbia griffithii Griffiths spurge
This plant is most likely Euphorbia griffithii “Fireglow”. The coloration of the bracts of Euphorbia griffithii “Dixter” tends towards dark red.

Griffith’s spurge in the garden

Euphorbia griffithii grows well in full sun to partial sun.

The soil should be humic to slightly loamy and the moisture should be evenly distributed. It does not grow well in sandy, poorly drained and rather dry soils. The soil in my garden is very sandy and dries out within a few hours of watering during the hot summer weeks. This is probably why Griffith’s spurge has only survived two summers there.

Euphorbia griffithii Dixter
Euphorbia griffithii “Dixter” in my garden.
Himalayan spurge
Euphorbia griffithii is known in German-speaking countries as Himalayan spurge and Griffith’s spurge.