Euphorbia succulenta

Euphorbia succulenta

For Euphorbia succulenta no popular name exists, neither in English nor in German. But the succulent, which originates from Africa (Kenya, Tanzania), has some name changes in the botanical field.

It became known as Monadenium succulentum. After the dissolution of the genus Monadenium, these species now belong to the genus Euphorbia, it was called Euphorbia neostapelioides for some time. And now, as of July 2022, the correct botanical name is Euphorbia succulenta.

Euphorbia succulenta stems


Euphorbia succulenta can reach a height of 60 centimeters. The leaves can turn dark red in sunny locations. The lower leaves are gradually shed. It is also possible to obtain a variety with white-green variegated leaves.

Euphorbia neostapelioides

How to care for Euphorbia succulenta

Far less complicated than its botanical nomenclature is the care of Euphorbia succulenta. It does well in semi-mineral to mineral substrates. Pumice gravel or lava gravel can be used for this purpose.

Sunny and bright locations are perfect, even the hot summer sun is tolerated.

The soil should be allowed to dry out or nearly dry out between waterings.

Fertilizing can be done from time to time with liquid fertilizer for cacti, green plants or organic vegetable fertilizer.

For the formation of flowers is the temperate wintering at about 59 °F (15 °C) fine.

Monadenium succulentum