Gasteria: a brief introduction

A nameless Gasteria cultivar bought in a supermarket.

The genus Gasteria belongs to the subfamily Asphodeloideae of the family Asphodelaceae. There are about 22 naturally occurring species, which are far less popular than species from the closely related genus Aloe.

Gasterias are native to South Africa, with one exception, the range of Gasteria pillansii is said to extend to Namibia.

For windowsill care, many cultivars are available. Some with green-yellow, green-white or knobbed leaves. Multi-generic hybrids, crosses of Gasteria with Haworthia or Aloe species, are also obtainable.

These hybrids are botanically named ×Gasteraloe (Gasteria & Aloe), ×Gasterhaworthia, or ×Gasterworthia (Gasteria & Haworthia).

Selected species and cultivars

Gasteria acinacifolia
Gasteria acinacifolia is a naturally occurring species.
Gasteria Little Warty
Gasteria “Little Warty” is a cultivar such as …
Gasteria carinata var verrucosa Variegata
Gasteria carinata var. verrucosa “Variegata”.
Gasterhaworthia Fandango
×Gasterhaworthia “Fandango”
Gasteraloe Dot Krimlack
×Gasteraloe “Dot Krimlack” is sold here in Germany as Gasteria “Sophie”.
Gasteria bicolor
Gasteria bicolor
Gasteria carinata
Gasteria carinata
Gasteria disticha
Gasteria disticha
Gasteria excelsa
Gasteria excelsa is significantly larger than the other species shown here.