Lamium maculatum “Pink Chablis/Pink Pewter”

Lamium maculatum Pink

Lamium maculatum “Pink Chablis/Pink Pewter”
  1. Common name(s): Spotted Deadnettle, Spotted Henbit, Purple Dragon Plant
  2. Synonyme(s): N/A
  3. Family: Lamiaceae
  4. Origin: none, “Pink Chablis/Pink Pewter” are cultivars. Lamium maculatum is native from Europe to Asia.
  5. More infos: if “Pink Chablis” and “Pink Pewter” are different cultivars or just sold under the those names I could not figure out. This Deadnettle is hardy to USDA zone 4 perennial and suitable for sunny to shaded places. It also grows well in containers.

Lamium maculatum

Pink Lamium maculatum

Lamium maculatum


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