Winter Purslane

Winter Purslane

Winter purslane, miner’s lettuce or Indian lettuce, as Claytonia perfoliata is commonly known, can be found along roadsides, roadsides, in parks or gardens. This popular plant is an introduced species in Europe, originally from North America. It can be used like lettuce.

Indian Lettuce

Winter purslane is not related to the common purslane (Portulaca oleracea), which is also edible.

The growing and flowering season lasts from autumn to spring. The annual plant dies after flowering.

Miners Lettuce

Winter purslane in the garden

Winter purslane grows well in partial shade. It is sown in the autumn, which is from September to December here in central Europe. The soil should be humusy to slightly loamy and evenly moist for a lush crop.

winter purslane in the garden
Winter purslane in my garden. Together with red nettles (Lamium purpureum).

Gathering winter purslane

Because of the many dogs, I would not collect winter purslane and other herbs in urban areas, but rather grow them myself in the garden or on the balcony.

flowering winter purslane
Winter purslane flowers in early spring.