Pink purslane (Claytonia sibirica)

Claytonia sibirica pink purslane

Pink purslane (Claytonia sibirica) can grow as an annual or perennial, reach a height of up to 40 centimetres and flower from April to June. Its leaves and flowers are edible.

pink purslane

In Europe, it is planted as an ornamental plant in parks and gardens. In some regions it can also be found growing wild.

The pictures shown here were taken in a forest near Putten in the Netherlands. There, pink purslane grows in several places and also covers larger areas.

pink purslane Claytonia sibirica
Claytonia sibirica is commonly known as pink purslane, Siberian spring beauty, Siberian miner’s lettuce and candy flower.

The original distribution area of Claytonia sibirica is in Kamchatka, Canada and the north-west of the USA (source).

Claytonia sibirica

Its habitats include forests, forest edges, bushes and roadsides. Pink purslane does not cope well with sandy and well-drained soil, it does best in humus-rich and evenly moist soil.

pink purslane and
Pink purslane and catchweed bedstraw (Galium aparine).
Siberian spring beauty
Siberian spring beauty

Claytonia sibirica