Hibiscus tiliaceus “Tricolor”

Sea Hibiscus, Coast Cottonwood

Young leaves and branches of Hibiscus tiliaceus “Tricolor” are dark red. Adult leaves are only green and white variegated. The evergreen shrub can grow up to 6 meters high and is used in tropical and subtropical regions in parks and gardens or as a hedge.

Hibiscus tiliaceus Tricolor
Hibiscus tiliaceus “Tricolor” on the beach promenade in Malaga (Spain).

Characteristics & Description

Height, habit: Up to 6 meters, shrub, tree
Life cycle: Perennial
Poisonous: No
Origin: The wild type is native to Africa, Asia, Central America and South America (distribution map)
USDA zone: 12 (50 °F/10 °C)

Hibiscus tiliaceus Tricolor


Name: Hibiscus tiliaceus “Tricolor” (syn. Talipariti tiliaceum “Tricolor”)
Family: Malvaceae

Hibiscus tiliaceus Tricolor

Hibiscus tiliaceus Tricolor

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