Persian speedwell, birdeye speedwell

Persian speedwell Veronica persica
Persian speedwell can also grow between pavers.

The growing season of Persian speedwell (Veronica persica) can last from spring to autumn or from autumn to spring. This means that it can be seen flowering almost all year round. But only on dry days. If it is too cold or too rainy, the flowers remain closed.

birdeye speedwell
Closed flowers of birdeye speedwell taken on a rainy spring day.

Veronica persica is often found in urban areas. It is adaptable to many sites and grows in sunny to semi-shady areas. It can also grow between paving stones and on walls.

It can be found in gardens, parks, building sites, embankments, gravel paths in weedy areas and fields.

Veronica persica

Persian speedwell is an annual that can grow up to 40 centimetres long. In nutrient-rich habitats it can spread over large areas. This protects the soil from erosion and desiccation.

speedwell as groundcover
Persian speedwell is a good ground cover.

The binary name “persica” suggests that Veronica persica originated in Iran and the Caucasus (source).

It arrived in Europe and other regions as a garden plant and became established there.