Pellitory of the Wall

Pellitory of the Wall

The Pellitory-of-the-Wall (Parietaria judaica) is a real wallflower. Not only because it likes to grow there, but also because it is often overlooked. It is inconspicuous in appearance. With its tiny, green-red flowers.

Spreading Pellitory

Parietaria judaica belongs to the nettle family, but does not have stinging hairs. It is related to the artillery plants of the genus Pilea, of which some are popular houseplants.

The plant, also known as Spreading Pellitory can reach up to 80 centimetres in height and grows on walls, stairs, roadsides, parks and shrub borders. It is adapted to survive in semi-shady to shady locations.


The natural distribution area of Parietaria judaica is in Europe and reaches as far as tropical Asia and North Africa.