Annual Fleabane, Daisy Fleabane

Erigeron annuus Annual Fleabane

Annual Fleabane, also known as Daisy Fleabane or Eastern Daisy Fleabane (Erigeron annuus), is so common in our urban areas that it feels as if it has always grown here. However, it is native to North America and is considered a neophyte here.

Erigeron annuus can grow as an annual, when its seeds germinate in spring. Or as a biennial, from seeds that germinate in late summer or autumn. These plants have few leaves, overwinter and flower from one year to the next in early summer.

The fact that it has successfully spread to many regions is due to its extreme adaptability. It can survive with little water and nutrients and can grow where other plants cannot.

Annual Fleabane

Annual Fleabane colonises paths, roadsides, verges, steps, walls and likes to grow between paving stones. It is also resistant to trampling and can recover after being trampled.

In places where water and nutrients are scarce, it remains small, growing only 10 to 20 centimetres high. In evenly moist, humusy to loamy soils it can reach a height of up to one metre.

Fly on Annual Fleabane

Erigeron annuus flowers in late May or early June. Here in the region it can be seen flowering until December.

Erigeron annuus
Annual Fleabane flowering in November.