Tecoma stans

Yellow Trumpetbush, Yellow Bells, Yellow Elder

Tecoma stans grows as a shrub or tree and can reach 10 meters in height. Its natural range extends from the southern United States to Argentina.

Tecoma stans

Characteristics & Description

Height, habit: Up to 10 meters, shrub, tree
Life cycle: Perennial
Poisonous: Yes
Origin: North America, South America, as an invasive species also in some African and Asian regions (distribution map)
USDA zone: 11 (41 °F/5 °C)

Tecoma stans


Name: Tecoma stans
Family: Bignoniaceae

Tecoma stans

Tecoma stans

Tecoma stans
Tecoma stans in mid-November in the Botanical Gardens of Malaga (Spain).

Yellow Trumpetbush

Yellow Bells

Yellow Elder

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