Setaria pumila

Yellow foxtail, yellow bristle-grass, pigeon grass

Setaria pumila is a member of the Poaceae family and grows as an annual. Native to Africa, Asia, and Europe, the grass can grow to a height of up to one meter, and in Central Europe it shows its spikes from July to September. They are covered with brownish bristles, allowing Setaria pumila and Setaria viridis to be distinguished. The two species can be seen growing together.

Setaria pumila & Setaria viridis

Characteristics & Description

Habit, height: Herbaceous, grassy plant, 10 to 100 centimeters
Life cycle: Annual
Poisonous: No
Origin: Africa, Asia, Europe and as an introduced species also in some parts of North America and South America (distribution map).
USDA zone: 5 (-9.4 °F/-23 °C)

Setaria pumila
Setaria pumila is commonly known as Yellow foxtail, yellow bristle-grass and pigeon grass. The seed coats may also be brownish.


Name: Setaria pumila
Family: Poaceae

Setaria pumila & Echinochloa crus galli
Setaria pumila & Echinochloa crus-galli

Echinochloa crus galli & Setaria pumila

Setaria pumila & Helicella itala
Setaria pumila & Helicella itala (heath snail)

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