Reynoutria japonica “Variegata”

Japanese Knotweed

Reynoutria japonica, better known as Fallopia japonica, the current botanical name not yet in use, is considered a dreaded invasive plant outside its native East Asia. In suitable locations, of which there are many, Japanese Knotweed is adaptable, spreading over large areas and leaving no room for other plants.

Some countries have banned its import and cultivation.

Fallopia japonica Variegata

Popular name(s): Japanese Knotweed, Asian Knotweed, Mexican Bamboo
Botanical name: Reynoutria japonica “Variegata” (syn. Fallopia japonica “Variegata”)
Family: Polygonaceae
Origin: The wild type is native to East Asia and can be found as an invasive species in some parts of Nort America, Australia and Europe (distribution map).
Height: 2 to 4 meters
USDA zone: 5 (-9.4 °F/-23 °C)
Poisonous: No

Fallopia japonica Variegata

Fallopia japonica Variegata

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