Polygala myrtifolia

Myrtle-Leaf Milkwort

Myrtle-Leaf Milkwort (Polygala myrtifolia) is an evergreen shrub native to South Africa that can reach a height of up to 4 meters. This member of the Polygalaceae family is not frost tolerant. It can show its pink flowers from late spring to fall.

Polygala myrtifolia

Characteristics & Description

Height, habit: Evergreen shrub, up to 4 meters
Life cycle: Perennial
Poisonous: Yes, all parts of the plant are slightly poisonous.
Origin: South Africa and as an introduced species also in Australia, New Zealand and California (distribution map)
USDA zone: 11 (41 °F/5 °C)


Name: Polygala myrtifolia
Family: Polygalaceae

Polygala myrtifolia
Polygala myrtifolia at La Concepción Historical Botanical Garden (Spain).

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