Lords and Ladies, Cuckoo Pint

Arum maculatum

Lords and Ladies


The growth and blooming period of Arum maculatum lasts from spring to early summer. It spends the rest of the year as a leafless rhizome. This is an adaptation to habitats in which sufficient water and light are only available in spring.

In the English-speaking world, Arum maculatum is mainly known as Lords and Ladies, Cuckoo Pint or Snakeshead. In Germany it is called Spotted Arum. This name can be confusing, because not all specimens have dark spots on their leaves. In my region I have found only plants with plain green leaves.

Arum maculatum can grow up to 40 cm high. All plant parts are poisonous.

Cuckoo Pint


The range of Arum maculatum extends from Europe (Northern Europe, Central Europe, Southern Europe) to Asia (Western Asia/Turkey). In other regions it is used as an ornamental plant.

It prefers semi-shady to shady areas and can be found in forests and shrubbery, on embankments or river banks.

Arum maculatum


Lords and Ladies is occasionally used as an ornamental plant. It is no longer of importance as a medicinal plant, it is only used in homeopathy.

Arum maculatum


It is pollinated by flies. In order to attract them, the flowers exude an odor of decay.

Common names

Gevlekte aronskelk

Arum Tacheté, Gouet Tacheté

Gefleckter Aronstab, Zehrwurz

Gigaro scuro


Aro muchado, culebrera

Arum maculatum

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