Dossinia marmorata

Jewel Orchid

Dossinia marmorata is native to Borneo and is often sold under its old botanical name, as Macodes lowii. This orchid reaches only about 20 centimeters in height.

Dossinia marmorata


  1. Popular name(s): Jewel Orchid
  2. Botanical name: Dossinia marmorata (syn. Macodes marmorata, Macodes lowii)
  3. Family: Orchidaceae
  4. Origin: South Eastern Asia (Borneo)
  5. Height: 10 to 20 centimeters
  6. USDA zone: 13 (59 °F/15 °C)

Macodes lowii

Macodes marmorata

Dossinia marmorata

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