Porcellio scaber “Orange”

Rough Woodlouse

Rough Woodlouse, Common Rough Woodlouse

Porcellio scaber “Orange” is a color morph of the Rough Woodlouse. Its carapace is orange to yellow-brown in color. There are other color forms of this Woodlouse with white, black or speckled carapace.

Rough Woodlouse Orange

Scientific name

Porcellio scaber “Orange”

Rough Woodlouse Porcellio scaber Orange

Suborder or family

Porcellionidae in the Oniscidea suborder

Rough Woodlouses orange


The original distribution area of the Rough Woodlouse is in Europe. As an introduced species, it can also be found in other regions.


Forests, walls, cellars, stairs, compost heaps


Up to 20 millimeters

Live span

Up to 2 years


Dying plant parts such as leaves, rotten or white rotten wood, but also fresh fruits and vegetables or carrion.

Categories: Crustaceans