Porcellio laevis “Panda”

Swift Woodlouse

Swift Woodlouse, Dairy Cow Isopod, Smooth Slater

Porcellio laevis “Panda” is a color morph of Swift Woodlouse. It can grow up to two centimeters long and lives about two years.

Swift Woodlouse Porcellio laevis

Scientific name

Porcellio scaber “Orange”

Swift Woodlouses

Suborder or family

Porcellionidae in the Oniscidea suborder

Porcellio laevis Panda Swift Woodlouse


The original distribution area of Porcellio laevis is probably in North Africa. Thanks to human help, the Swift Woodlouse was able to spread almost worldwide.


Forests, walls, cellars, stairs, compost heaps


Up to 20 millimeters

Live span

Up to 2 years


Dying plant parts such as leaves, rotten or white rotten wood, but also fresh fruits and vegetables or carrion.

Categories: Crustaceans