Hairy Rose Beetle

Tropinota hirta

The Hairy Rose Beetle (Tropinota hirta) is much smaller than its golden-rose relative, but can also be found in parks and gardens. The beetles fly from April to June and grow between 8 and 11 millimetres long.

As can easily be seen in the photos, the Hairy Rose Beetle likes to visit yellow flowering plants. It eats the pollen.

Hairy Rose Beetle Tropinota hirta

Its larvae live in rotting wood, on which they also feed.

Tropinota hirta is a warmth-loving species, its range is in Central and Southern Europe, reaching as far as Western Asia.

Hairy Rose Beetle in tulip flower
A Hairy Rose Beetle in the flower of a Wild Tulip (Tulipa sylvestris).

The photos were taken in my allotment garden, where many insects live. Some beetle larvae live in my vegetable beds, but do not cause any significant damage there.

Rose Beetle on tulip

Tropinota hirta

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