Asolene spixii

Spixi Snail

Asolene spixii


Common name(s): Spixi Snail, Zebra Apple Snail
Scientific name: Asolene spixii (often misspelled as Asolene spixi)
Family: Apple Snails (Ampullariidae)
Origin: Brasil
Maximum size: 2.5 cm / 1 inch in diameter
Life span: Life span: 1 to 3 years if kept slightly cooler for a few weeks in winter. Otherwise 1 to 2 years.
Sexuality: Separate sexes, not hermaphrodites

Asolene spixi

Spixi Snail

Spixi Snail care sheet

Minimum tank size: 40 litres / 11 gallons with 10 litres / 2.5 gallons per snail

Temperature: 70 to 79°F (21 to 26°C) in summer and 61 to 68°F (16°C) in winter.

If kept slightly cooler in winter, the Pixi Snail will semi-burrow. The climate in southeastern Brazil is subtropical, with winter temperatures ranging from 61 to 68°F (16 to 20°C).

Water: PH 7 to 8,5

Asolene spixii
This gravel is too coarse for Asolene spixii. I only used it for photography, not for permanent keeping.

Substrate: Fine to medium freshwater aquarium gravel or sand

Feeding: Blanched or cooked vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber, spinach.

Fish food (flakes, granules, tablets).

Unseasoned tofu given every 4 to 8 weeks for extra calcium. Tofu can contaminate the water, so put only small pieces in the tank and remove unused portions the next day.

The Spixi Snail will sometimes eat soft aquarium plants.

Asolene spixii
A Spixi Snail during spawning.

Breeding: Eggs are embedded in a gel mass and laid below the surface on plants, rocks, or aquarium glass. The young snails hatch within 14 days at 72 to 77°F (22 to 25°C).

Juvenile Spixi snails can be fed like adults.

The eggs of other Spixi snails are sometimes eaten by adult snails.

Asolene spixi
Asolene spixii & Macropodus opercularis (Paradise Fish)

Notes: Spixi snails are more active in the evening and at night.

Copper or other fish treatments in the water may kill them.

Asolene spixii

Asolene spixi

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